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Tested 3 engines on 2 rockets on 2 February 2020.


  • We had general issues around ignition, either it was not slotted correctly or the fuse was damaged before they were used. Continuity tests did help but didn't show all the errors with ignition.
  • Recovery procedures need to be strict to make sure all components are there.
  • Direction of rocket needs to be set with bigger engines
  • Better organisation for setting up and reloading
  • A workstation and table needs to be available on site.
  • Balance out rocket power, weight and delay

Smaller rocket - Slim Rocket 1 (SR1)

This was tested with 2 engines, an A3(?) and a C(?) both worked well.

Big Daddy Rocket? - Big Rocket 1 (BR1)

This was tested with D12-7(?) engine. The extra weight of the payload in the nosecap may have contributed to the crash landing. There also some concern around the seal in the parachute layer being too tight, this needs to be tested.

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