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EP-02 is used for our HAB flights.


Board: DRF1278F LoRa Modules with HAB Tracker from

Size: 7cm x 2.5cm x 2cm (not including radio antenna or battery)

Battery Size: 5cm x 3cm x 0.5cm @ 450mAh

Type: Arduino powered with LoRa and RTTY transmissions

Weight: ~28g (+8g for battery)


Radio Frequency Bandwidth Code Spread Low Power
RTTY 434.329.570Mhz 2.2Khz
LoRa 62.5Khz (62K5) 4:5 8 Off
7 bits 2 stop 110 baud 350 carrier shift

This is running on a Arduino Pro Mini running at 3.3V 8Mhz.

Guide for 04/16 HAB version

Dropbox for tracker info

BOM for DRF1278F

Cost per assembled unit : Board £25 + GPS £25

Building a pico

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