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Table of Contents

Month before

  • Put in CAA exemption
  • Setup mission from mission_template
  • Check Li RPi battery stock
  • Tie up strings
  • Check parachute (attach and make sure functional)
  • Systems check - HAB and Pico's if applicable
  • Communications - Telephone numbers, contacts etc. are logged/distributed in WhatsApp if applicable

Week before

  • Get Gas
  • Ensure we have a stock of latex gloves are in Launch Box
  • Ensure Cable Ties and Duck Tape are in the Launch Box
  • Ensure Parachute is in the Launch Box
  • Ensure Adjustable Spanner and small tools are in the Launch Box
  • Produce Laminated Tag for HAB and put in Launch Box
  • Monitor Jet-stream Projections & send to WhatsApp/Website
  • Check Weather Projections & send to WhatsApp/Website
  • Ensure Helium Gas Adaptor is packed/available
  • Apply for NOTAM
  • Final testing of pcb
  • Send flight/payload docs to habhub
  • Upload test strings to habhub
  • Put notice on ukhas google group
  • Ensure Yagi Antenna & Cables are available and provided to tracker/pursuit crew

Day before

  • Clear SD cards
  • Check NOTAM
  • Charge PicoLiPo/Laptop/Camera/USB Battery
  • Final system checks
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