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 [[http://​​Products/​Gases/​gas-facts/​conversion-formulas/​weight-and-volume-equivalents/​helium.aspx]] [[http://​​Products/​Gases/​gas-facts/​conversion-formulas/​weight-and-volume-equivalents/​helium.aspx]]
 What we have used:  What we have used: 
 [[https://​​helium-10-litre.html]] [[https://​​helium-10-litre.html]]
 +Working out how much we need:
 +Using the chart from [[https://​​guides:​balloon_data?​s[]=helium]] we've calculated using a 1000 totex balloon that we need 2.23 cu. m for a 500g payload. This translates to 3 litres of liquid helium. We would buy the 10 litre bottle from Gas-Uk, which **should** be enough for three flights.
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