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TBC [M7]

Status: Waiting for launch window

Mission Profile

High altitude (meteorological) balloon flight with 5 payloads. This will consist of one large hab payload and 4 picoboards. Antenna has been reverted back to the stubby with dish due to poor performance from the co-linear dipole.

Mission Objectives


  • Successful launch and recovery of the pico using a high altitude balloon
  • Test new antenna of RPi with stabilising disk
  • Test new payload shape
  • Receive telemetry from Pico at over 10km


  • To advance our ability to design, manufacture and fly hardware
  • To provide useful data and experience for future balloon flights and other missions; e.g. telemetry, tracking
  • To provide reference and publicity material for outreach activity
  • Test wide angle camera with standalone battery
  • Revieve LoRa transmission from Pico

Flight Plan

Intended profile, for actual profile see Mission Outcome.



HAB Package EP-02

Core Tx Radio
Raspberry Pi
Power Unit (c/w Batteries)
Environmental Sensors None
Performance Sensors Unknown
Additional Equipment Camera [standalone] drawing power from separate cells

Pico Package Pico-EP-M1

Core Pico PCB

388g hab payload

35g pico x 4

total : 528g

0g parachute

Tracking & Communication

Direct tracking will be achieved using Tracking Kit TK-M2. This will be used for tracking on launch and landing.

Indirect flight tracking will be achieved using HAB community online resources.

We also be using LoRa to communicate with the Pico, this currently is being tracked by our own equipment, which is another PicoPCB. If that fails it is possible to infer LoRa from the radio pattern with an SDR.

Example payload string : “$$MSPpi1,347,19:41:58,53.48425,-2.23625,00037,0,0,11,33.1,0.0,0.000*0A83”

Technical Details

Build Details

Preparation Details

Test Details

Mission Data

Awaiting mission completion.

Mission Outcome

Summary Awaiting mission completion.

Discussion Awaiting mission completion.

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