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 ====== PigglyMSP / PicoCHU [M6] ====== ====== PigglyMSP / PicoCHU [M6] ======
-//Status: <color #ff7f27>Waiting for launch window</​color>//​+//Status: <color #ed1c24>Failed</​color>//​
 ==== Mission Profile ==== ==== Mission Profile ====
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 ==== Mission Data ==== ==== Mission Data ====
-Awaiting mission completion.+Raw flight data was posted
 ==== Mission Outcome ==== ==== Mission Outcome ====
 **Summary** **Summary**
-Awaiting ​mission ​completion.+The mission ​was regarded as a failure. We did not achieve our objectives and we lost the pico payload. 
 +The balloon was released during windy conditions. There was consensus that it was safe enough to launch despite protests. The balloon traced a large sideways path and it eventually got caught in a telephone line. The line was cut and the balloon was let go with the pico. The main hab payload was left on the telephone line and was collected later by a BT engineer.
 **Discussion** **Discussion**
-Awaiting mission completion.+We agreed to make sure that we do not launch if the conditions are windy, even with some light wind.
-Raw flight info is here : [[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​17KtejNTjdhakAj6PfUhosDzlyFxk0V2Bqi2BD3hmT1g/​edit?​usp=sharing]]+ 
 +Raw flight info is here : 
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