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MSPpi1 [M5]

Status: Complete / Recovered

Mission Profile

High altitude [meteorological] balloon flight. Short duration, conducted over UK mainland with the purpose of advancing capability, generating publicity and preparing for more advanced missions.

Mission Objectives


  • Successful launch and recovery of a payload using a high altitude balloon
  • Test new stabiliing wings
  • Test Raspberry Pi
  • Test new GPS antenna
  • Test new payload shape
  • Test RPi camera
  • Test wide angle camera with standalone battery


  • To advance our ability to design, manufacture and fly hardware
  • To provide useful data and experience for future balloon flights and other missions; e.g. telemetry, tracking
  • To provide reference and publicity material for outreach activity

Flight Plan

Intended profile, for actual profile see Mission Outcome.

Callsign MSPPi1
Date 13/11/2016
Location Hanging Gate Inn, Macclesfield
Duration 2h 30m


Electronics Package EP-02

Core Tx Radio
Raspberry Pi
Power Unit (c/w Batteries)
Environmental Sensors None
Performance Sensors Unknown
Additional Equipment Camera [standalone] drawing power from separate cells

388g payload

0g parachute

Tracking & Communication

Direct tracking will be achieved using Tracking Kit TK-M2.

Indirect flight tracking will be achieved using HAB community online resources.

Launch tracking will be done with own equipment

Example payload string : “$$MSPpi1,347,19:41:58,53.48425,-2.23625,00037,0,0,11,33.1,0.0,0.000*0A83”

Technical Details

Build Details

Preparation Details

Test Details

Mission Data

Awaiting mission completion.

Mission Outcome

Summary Awaiting mission completion.

Discussion Awaiting mission completion.

PITS shield manual :

Raw flight info is here :

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