Who we are and what we do

Who are we?

This space programme was launched by a small community group on a Thursday night in 2013 in the heart of Manchester. The aim was quite simple, let’s get something into space and join the race of other people trying to do the same around the world.

What have we done so far?

We’ve had a number of successful High Altitude Balloon launches and taken some wonderful pictures of the earth from near space. We even have some great video of the HAB ascent and decent here and here. For an overview of the upcoming and previous missions take a look at our missions page. Our current projects include the development of a pico high altitude balloon package for schools and developing more interesting and complex High Altitude payloads for our larger HAB experiments so that we can take even better pictures than the one below

But it’s a programme, right? So more than one launch?

Yup. So having the word programme was very important. The idea was to have a series of hopefully many launches, which should capture the interest of enthusiasts and the general public too! We do not restrict ourselves to a particular technology or methodology – this is a space programme for all the people of Manchester.